Why we created FunnelTap for marketing agencies

We created FunnelTap because we needed a solution to forecast our clients' marketing campaigns and create scenarios based on their goals, budget, conversion rates, cost-per-click etc. Since we launched FunnelTap, our new client win rate skyrocketed from 11% to 23%.

I launched SaaSMQL, a B2B marketing agency, in January of 2018. We focus on Account-Based Marketing campaigns for SaaS startups with less than 200 employees. Our program involves targeting a pre-selected list of companies by engaging them via cold emails and LinkedIn Ads, then converting them via direct mail package.

Our typical program lasts a minimum of 4 months, and it requires a minimum of $20K budget (direct mail packages and LinkedIn ads can be expensive). Since our clients are normally VPs of Marketing and CEOs, they were looking for help to forecast the ROI that they could expect from our program.

There was also the need for us to create different scenarios depending on the budget, timeline, and goals of our clients. A few companies have a large budget, but limited timeline. One of our clients was looking to reach a specific sales pipeline goal within 6 months, in order to hit their funding milestone. However, their Customer Acquisition Cost was not an issue. More often, startups are looking to scale marketing spend gradually, and only when they see a positive ROI.

By creating campaign scenarios during the sales process, we can have a strategic conversation from the beginning, even before they become our client. These are some typical questions:

  • “What happens if I increase my budget from $20K to $50K?” 
  • “What if my conversion rate of Opportunity → Customer drops from 22% to 15%?” 
  • “How much budget would I need to invest if my goal increases from 30 leads to 45?”

In order to answer these questions, we built a spreadsheet that uses a few variables (Goal, funnel conversion rates, cost per account) to build a program scenario:

Our original campaign forecasting tool in Excel

The cells in pink are the variables, which we customize during our sales calls with the potential client. Now we can see what is the projected Pipeline, Revenue, ROI, as well as Cost per Meeting and Cost per Opportunity.

This spreadsheet served us well. However, we needed a more powerful and flexible solution to create and record multiple scenarios for each client, and to keep track of the results month after month.

This is why we decided to build FunnelTap as a SaaS application, and to give access to it to other marketing agencies. FunnelTap is a funnel calculator and campaign forecasting tool, specifically designed for agencies (in fact it includes a “Clients” section, so each client workspace is separated). Your funnels might be Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, cold emails, sales funnels, ecommerce funnels, lead funnel, content marketing funnels, and much more. Funnels are 100% customizable with your own stages and values.

Since we started using FunnelTap with our prospects, our win rate increased from 11% to 23% in 3 months, and our deal size increased by 36%! We were able to increase our fee because we could show our prospects the return that our program can have for their company. It also allows us to compare over time our initial estimate with the live campaigns, and make adjustments when needed.

If you need help creating your funnels and forecasting your campaigns, don’t hesitate to email us at info@funneltap.com

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