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Forecast your campaigns' ROI

Create different scenarios by modeling budget, conversion rates, cost-per-click and customer value.

Marketing funnel

All your funnels
in one place

Keep all your crucial metrics always in front of you

Build campaign scenarios

Play with your funnel variables to visualize worst and best-case scenarios

Forecast budget
based on goals

Start from your sales goals to understand how much budget to invest

Prove your campaigns' ROI

Measure the return of your campaigns and scale up the profitable funnels

Marketing Agency Funnel

Win more clients
for your marketing agency

By showing your campaigns's potential returns during the sales process, you can close more clients for your agency and for a higher monthly retainer.

Funnel tracking

Visualize your current campaigns in one single location.

Campaign scenarios

Forecast your campaign budget and revenue based on your funnel values.

Allocate your marketing budget more effectively

Create a model for each marketing campaign and forecast future results. Play with the funnel variables to create different campaign scenarios.

Campaign budget

"If we invest $50,000 from our marketing budget, how much revenue will we close?"

Campaign revenue

"If my company wants to add $1M in recurring revenue this year, how much do we need to invest for each campaign?"

Conversion rates

"If our conversion rate from click to lead increases to 15%, how much revenue will we close?"

Customer value

"If the customer value increases to $1,500, how much revenue will we close?"

Funnel Forecast
Plan your funnels

Plan your customer acquisition campaigns based on your revenue goals

Create a best-case and worst-case scenario and forecast how much budget it will take to reach your revenue goals. Compare your funnel estimates with the actual numbers from your campaigns.

How much additional budget do you need to invest to win an extra $100,000 in revenue?

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FunnelTap Testimonial - SaaSMQL

"FunnelTap has increased our win rate by 50% in 4 months"

"We started using FunnelTap to create potential campaign scenarios for our potential clients, and to show them what ROI they could achieve by working with us. Our conversion rate increased by over 50% in 4 months, and we are now able to sell our account-based marketing program for a premium by forecasting the client results".

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of funnels can I create?

With FunnelTap you can create both sales and marketing funnels. You can use it to forecast Facebook Ads funnels, email campaigns, Google Ads funnels, LinkedIn Ads funnels or your sales funnel.

Is FunnelTap only for marketing agencies?

FunnelTap was created for marketing and lead gen agencies, so it has a powerful Client dashboard. However, it can be used by internal marketing team and sales executives to map and forecast their funnels.

How does the client dashboard work?

You can create an unlimited number of clients. Each client will have its own workspace, where you can track and forecast their funnels. There is a dropdown where you can quickly switch between clients.

Do you integrate with Facebook, Google or other ads platforms?

We currently don't integrate with any ads platform, so the numbers to map current funnels must be input manually. However, we are working on connectors for each of the main marketing and sales platforms, including Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Salesforce and HubSpot.

How does the funnel forecast work?

In order to forecast a funnel, you need to first create a Funnel Type (e.g. Facebook Ads) where you map the stages, then you create a campaign with your current numbers. Once you have mapped your current funnel, you can start creating funnel scenarios. Example: "How much do I need to spend to close $200,000 in sales?".

What variables can I use to create funnel scenarios?

There are currently 6 variables that can be manipulated to create campaign scenarios: 1) Budget; 2) Cost (e.g. CPL); 3) Conversion Rates; 4) Revenue; 5) Funnel outcome (e.g. # of new customers); 5) Customer Value.

Why did you start FunnelTap?

We started as a B2B marketing agency, and we started using an Excel spreadsheet to calculate our clients' ROI during the sales process, since we had solid benchmarks. Our clients loved it, but it was painful to manage and track funnel scenarios on a spreadsheet. This is why we decided to create FunnelTap.

Do you offer any help setting up the funnels?

Absolutely! Contact us at and we'll help you track your funnels and create your first scenarios.

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